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Negligence towards Dental treatment.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Anything in abundance is always neglected.

When it comes to Dentistry, I get a lot of patients who tell me to remove the teeth when they experience pain. When god has blessed with 32 teeth, there is a meaning in it.

Each tooth has its own importance, incisors are used for cutting, Canines are used for tearing, Premolar and molars are used for chewing. This is taught in every primary schooling. Wisdom tooth erupts at approximately 18 years of life, If the jaw size is small or when tooth size is big for the jaw, tooth doesn't get enough space to erupt, hence it gets stuck in bone, creates pressure within the jaw and to the adjacent tooth, That's the main reason for tooth extraction.

Patients perspective is that they have 32 teeth and when any tooth is causing some discomfort they want to get it removed and believe they can manage life with the remaining teeth. Two hands, two legs, one heart, one liver, so they feel only these are the main organs for survival. No doubt about it, but Its important to create awareness among patients that tooth extraction is not the only solution. When a dentist advices to get your teeth removed, that means there is no other alternative to save the teeth.

Teeth should be preserved as long as we can for many many uses, few mentioned below-

1) Function - to chew the food, basic digestion process begins from the mouth, in order to stay healthy- we got to eat healthy. if the chewing efficiency is hampered, nutrition for the body is not met- hence immunity is lowered.

2) Harmony - When we clench, upper and the lower teeth come to contact and After a point we cannot close further. this contact is called occlusion. An imaginary plane of all tooth contact is called plane of occlusion.

now when the tooth is removed, contact for that particular teeth is lost,

The neighbouring teeth shifts to close the gap next to it. the apposing teeth erupts above the plane of occlusion. This results in faulty closure, pre mature closure of teeth resulting in gap between your teeth or damaging the natural dentition.

Muscles around the teeth tend to alter, and harmony surrounding the teeth is lost.

3) Esthetics - We cant have a good looking smile when we don't have teeth.

4) preservation - if a tooth is preserved by eliminating the micro organisms - it can last for several years thus preventing the bone loss and gums loss around it. if a tooth is removed and not replaced, there is considerable bone loss, as a result dentist ends up with confusion to make a good treatment plan.

its important to understand why we recommend to remove the teeth and nowadays with amazing technology we can preserve the existing and when the day of extraction comes we have multiple options of replacement.

To conclude i would say, Anything in abundance should not be neglected.

28 teeth is what is necessary to continue life without trouble. Avoid Negligence towards dental treatment, remember prevention is better than cure.

Eat healthy, stay healthy


Dr Adit Kumar



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